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What we do here at MJ Photography Studio, is take the concept of High School Senior pictures and toss them into the garbage.  No canned backgrounds.  No giant numbers to lean against to represent the year you graduate.  Our style borders on glamour and fashion type photos you see in magazines.  Be you male or female it does not matter.  We find a way for you to still be yourself while cranking up the style factor to about 10. 

The goal here is to capture who you are now so you can look back 20 years later and reflect.  When you do is our goal to have those images still look relevant, modern, and cool.

The best part is, because we are not confined to a studio which allows us both to shoot, we get more photos to add to your gallery. These are not normal High School senior pictures.

Beautiful Grand Children-26


First we meet and talk about what you want and what you expect. It allows you to ask questions and have plenty of time to get them answered.  It also helps us to understand your vision and get to know you. Spending time together develops the trust that we need to do a good job for you.  It also allows us to develop a plan for the session.  We can come to your house or meet somewhere in town (Starbucks).  Then we schedule a time and a place for the shoot. We have portable background equipment suitable for indoor work should a background be needed.  Most people prefer the intimate settings of their own home, or outdoor settings like a park. Other props are available depending on the type of shoot. The choice is yours as we will travel anywhere within the San Angelo area. 

Afterwards, allow up to 2 weeks processing time for standard portraits. Once your entire gallery is ready we will email you to let you know. Just log into our website and find “your gallery”. 

Your custom gallery will remain online for 30 days to allow you to share, and purchase. After that, they will be removed. Should you need more time, time it may be requested at an additional cost. 

NOTE: For Special out of town rates, see all the way at the bottom of this page. 


Private Portrait Session: $75 plus tax 

Full payment is required to secure the booking.  The session fee includes a scheduled shoot for up to 2 hours including setup time at the place of your choosing. Because we both shoot in most cases we are done in an hour, but this way there is no pressure to hurry. (Up to 6 people, and as many outfit changes as you can cram in). $45 for each additional hour needed. 

Accepted forms of payment include Checks, PayPal (where you may pay by credit card), and as always our personal favorite - cash. 


Entire Gallery: $150 plus tax for Standard Portrait. 

Downloads includes the entire edited gallery featuring all the black and whites, sepia, selective color and other artistic combinations. CD's are available, but not online. Simply contact us directly. It includes a signed Copyright Release, and the ability to reproduce those prints for the lowest price you can find - forever. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase $99 or more of prints and you may purchase the Entire Gallery Downloads for $50 off the regular price
Beautiful Grand Children-18 PRINT PRICING: 

4X6 - $5.00
5X7 - $10.00
4 Wallet sheet - $8.00
8X10 - $17.00
11X14 - $30.00 
16X20 - $40.00

We also have mounted canvas options. 

Many other sizes are available. Including 5X5, 8X8, 10X10, and 20X20. You will have many options to choose from in your shopping cart. 

Digital Downloads (Full Resolution) - $25.00 Now you are able to pick a single image and download the full resolution digital file. This is perfect for those on a budget, and relatives that live far away that may only want 1 or 2 images, but would like to make multiple copies of it, or use it as a screen saver. You can email it, or print it right off your own printer - forever. This is a perfect option for scrapbooking, as well. 

By popular request, we have created a special package that is all inclusive. It includes the following: 

* You get 1 - 8X10 of each Signature Series Print that was created. Printed in Metallic Print finish. * You get 1- 11X14 and 7 - 8X10s of your choosing. No cost difference. You choose the print. * You get 20 - 5X7 print of all other images in your gallery. * You get -ALL- the images from your gallery digitally downloaded. That means you get everything. 


$385.00 Plus tax.

Purchase $99 or more in Signature Series Prints and you may purchase the Entire Gallery CD for $50 off the regular price. 

OUT OF TOWN RATES: (Anything outside the San Angelo area) 
If you want your event recorded outside the San Angelo Area, We are available for out of town work. If your location is within driving distance (up to 3 hours away), a mileage charge will be calculated at $0.75 a mile. Both there and back. Mileage is figured from my home to your location. 

Hopefully the quality of our work speaks for itself, and thus lends value to this option.