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New Beginning for San Angelo Photographers

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Meet the Benavidez Family! Dad is surrounded by four beautiful girls!  His wife and his three beautiful daughters;  what a blessing!  Ok, so sometimes he doesn't see it that way, but in his heart he knows it is! LOL!  Fun loving and full of love for each other, these girls had the time of their life posing and deciding which one was next and who was the best model!  Go to our FB, MJ Photography Studio page, and enjoy their Sneak Peek!!  Priceless!!


Senior Pictures!  Noel and her mom were full of excitement as we spent the morning, this past Saturday, enjoying her Senior Photography Session.  Mom's eyes filled with tears as she realized that her baby girl will be a senior this year and soon be off to college and a life of her own!  I was so happy that "mom" helped make this the best session for Noel; these memories are priceless and forever engraved in your life.  Take time to record these memories -  still time to save with our August Summer Sale!



Beautiful Grand Children-40

Meet the Villarreal Family!  This family is such a wonderful, loving family.  Two handsome sons - a beautiful daughter and of course mom and dad!  Check our FB page to see their Sneak Peek!  I love meeting all your families - it's so much fun to interact and be a part of your sessions and watch everyone excited and waiting to say the magic word ''CHEESE"!!  We headed to the playground to give the kids a break - it was so cute when they'd get to the top of the ladder, look over at me and and smile - "Cheese"!!! So we just started snapping at those precious smiles!


This week is a blurrrrrrr ....  so much going on everywhere!!  But thank God it's all good.  Is is HOT or is it just me?  No, definitely it is HOT!!  I can't believe it's August already - and not only August but 10 days into August!  I love summer and every year it just seems to go by so fast and I'm at this point when I say ... "wow" it's already getting to be September.  If you guys have been shopping you've noticed all the Christmas things are already out!  Gosh - that too gets earlier and earlier every year.  Our winter clothes are on the way in before we know it and school is getting ready to start.  Kiddos and moms are so ready for it to be over - 

We're still booking our August Summer Special guys.... 50% off our session fee and DVD!  Even if you want a later session, we will honor it if it's booked and paid before August 31st.



Time is flying - I guess that means I'm getting older?  Naw..... it just means I'm meeting more wonderful people every day!!  This afternoon (Thursday) we had a Photo Session with "Miss Zoe".  Is she not one of the most beautiful teenagers you've ever seen!!  Zoe is a natural at this - she called me and told me she was very nervous;  it didn't last long!  We love people and as soon as we meet you, you know we've never been strangers!  Zoe has a wonderful family as well - and they are so supportive and proud of her!  They can't wait to schedule their family photos soon as well!  LOVE this!!! 

Please feel free to join us at:  M J Photography Studio and visit our web site!  You'll get to see more of these sneak peeks!!  We specialize in Outdoor Photography for all Portraits - Newborns - Family - Engagements - Maternity - Cheer - and Senior High School portraits!  We are having our Summer August Special!  50% off our Session Fee and 50% off the DVD of 65 edited Photos!




Meet Christian!  Christian is such a handsome 18 month old and FULL of life!  He's a happy little one and gives mom and dad a "run" every single day.  We went out to do his Photo Session on Monday and the minute he was put down, he took off like a rocket!  Mom said he liked me, otherwise he wouldn't have smiled and "paused" for a second or two".  This is Christian's first photo session and their family's first session as well.  The Saucedo family rocks and the love they have for Christian radiates in every smile!  They can't wait for their "Winter" pictures now!




Miss Avery-57

Who doesn't love babies?!!!!  My very good friend had her first grandbaby a month ago and asked me to take pictures of baby "A".  OF COURSE!!  To get to hold this precious baby girl is wonderful!  To be trusted to do her first photo shoot, even moreso!  What a beautiful session we had with them.  Of course, "Yaya" and "Papaw" have treasures of this time in their lives forever; and yes, they are in the pictures too.  The fun part:  "Papaw" was initiated really good while doing a solo picture with her! LOL!  WHAT FUN!  Well, maybe not for him at that second, but it's your grandbaby, it's ok! Right?!!



God is good and life is great!  John and I are totally enjoying every minute of this experience with you guys!  Our business is growing every day and the wonderful comments that we get from our pictures is the "reason" we do this.  Hearing that this is the "First Photo Session" - that "we've never done this" - "we're so glad we chose you" - "So many good ones, don't know which ones to pick"!  Well, we will start offering packages for you to chose from soon.  We do offer a DVD Disk of 65 edited phots for those very moments for you to enjoy!  We also offer memory books (which I love) because they are all at your fingertips all the time! 


Payen Family


Payen Family

We have been having a blast!  Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!  Wow - we are meeting so many new people who are all eager to begin their photo memories! This afterenoon, we had the great pleasure of doing our Photo Session for the Payen Family. Alma "mom", mentioned to me that this was their very first "Family" session.  So, with that being said, we went to work on TONS of pictures for them!!  The Payen family is beautiful and very friendly.  I Love West Texas!!  We added humor to our session - which made it fun for everyone; even the boys!  So this session had me smiling all weekend!  Aylene is preparing her new venture to Baylor University in as she said "13 days"!  Is she counting...LOL!Good Luck Aylene!!



Stephanie Gavina is a beautiful confident young lady!  She is not only beautiful, but talented as well.  Stephanie plays the Violin and has been doing so since she was in the 8th grade.  The love of her violin shows through her pictures - she was so careful to hold it with respect.  I certainly admired her for doing that.  Steph is also a Varsity Cheerleader for Midland Lee High School.  Our session with Steph was "Wonderful".  She is such a joy to be around. All smiles!!  Her eyes just showed us her love for her parents, her violin and her cheerleading.  We had a new experience of doing her session with here violin and Cheer pictures at Grande Stadium!  FUN FUN FUN!! Great job Steph!


Meet Miss Personality - Sofie, 2 1/2 years old.  I can't tell you what a little ham she is!  You thought we only had photo sessions Friday-Sunday?  Nope - had one Monday afternoon as well.  Miss Sofie kept us all in stitches - she was a perfect, self taught model!  She'd strike a pose for us, smile bigger, clap her hands and say "YAY" - would run off and come back with a new pose each time.  It definitely was Sofie's Hour!  Oh yes.... her session was a family session!  Check out our FB - MJ Photography Studio page for more pictures!


Yes, we definitely had a fast and furious weekend!  AND, we loved every minute of it!  Loving photography like we do is wonderful - sharing this venture together is even moreso! 

Sunday morning we got up very early (5:30 am) and headed to San Angelo, TX to meet with this BEAUTIFUL young lady!  Miss "S" is not only beautiful on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside as well!  Miss "S" is getting ready to graduate this coming May from Angelo State University - Smart and beautiful, what an awesome combination! 

Meet Lady "B"!  This past Saturday afternoon, Ms "B" and her precious daughter chose us to preserve their memories at this point in their lives. Time flies and before we know it, they are grown.  We had so much fun - left us with lasting memories of them both.  John is so good with kids and he kept after Mailen for a full smile  (she's shy) - and after asking her if she liked Justin Bieber, that smile just flashed all over her face!  Meet our first newborn, Baby "Z"! He is so tiny and precious. Zain is 9 days old and has the cutiest little eyes I've ever seen. (He did keep them open more than closed) ... I did manage to get a few pictures of him sleeping, but he definitely did not want to miss a minute of his new photo venture! As you know I LOVE babies - and taking pictures of our newborns definitely gives me the opportunity to hold them and love on them! Nothing more precious than a sweet newborn baby - God's gift to the world! Welcome, baby "Z"!


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the very thing I LOVE to do the most (taking pictures) would become a reality in my life.  Ever since I can remember, I've had a camera in my hand, flashing pictures and being in people's faces asking them to say "CHEESE"!  Not only taking pictures, but always making those extra prints to share with the people we love and care about. Even to this day I love sharing those moments.   The last few years have been fast and furious for us both, reaching and surpassing life's obstacles; finally reaching this point, I give full credit to my wonderful husband John, that has supported me more than 100%.  It's like he knew the path we are supposed to be on and started preparing us for this day over a year ago!  That's why this step in our lives will be great, as we love and support each other completely.  We are a team - we love the same things (most of the time) and want nothing more than to succeed and to provide the best service and photography for your life's lasting memories.

First and formost, I love people!  I've never met a stranger - and love that interaction and smiling to see how many smiles I can get back.  Of course being from West Texas makes that easy as "pie" not only because it's part of who I am and especially the way we were raised!  We both love to travel and see new and exciting places.  Lately, everything is new and exciting in my eyes as I look at every nook and cranny to find wonderful new places for your memories.  Since we all are different in our likes, I try and look for those places and looks I feel would best suit you.  Loving the outdoors is why we chose to use "natural lighting" in our technique of photography.  Using the "West Texas" look whether in the Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter is a fabulous way to capture it all!!

So, remember to schedule those Newborn Photos, Children's Photos, Family Photos, Senior Photos (whether High School or College) Cheer Photos, Anniversay Photos or Love-Engagement Photos with us!  Schedule with us today!

So, now that we've taken the step to move in a different direction with our love for photography, we are both filled with excitement and can't wait to meet each of you, book a session and GO FOR THE BIG PICTURE!!


Melba Smith

This is our niece, Katy Hill.  She is every bit a "red head", personality and temper! (L0L!)  We had the pleasure of spending the last five days at the lake with John's sister, Lynn - Jack - "daddy" and Elise, "sissy".  It's a fun trip we take yearly since we live in Midland and they live in Houston area.  Of course they were my next "victims" of the CAMERA since everywhere I go they know that they smile, smile, smile.....  (Click, Click, Click!  I haven't bored them yet so it's still a fun adventure - cutie pies!

..... and this is Elise "Sissy" Hill.  Believe it or not, these two cutie pies are TWINS!  Yep -  and total opposites at that!  They are eleven, love the outdoors, swimming, riding dune buggies, horses, archery, learning to use their rifles for hunting and both are on their way to earning their Martial Arts black belts! Both girls are extremely competitive and take their hobbies very seriously as well.  I was telling John that it won't be long before we can't intimidate them any longer as that Martial Arts, well - need I say more!



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