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     MJ Photography Studio Photographic Artists started as a hobby that Melba and I (John) started a few years ago.  We both have been interested in photography from a young age. I focused more on landscapes and Melba focused on family and friends. Several years ago we bought a Nikon and kept fighting over who was taking the pictures that day. As we photographed our friends and family and shared them they began to tell us how great our images looked. So to make a long story short we decided to create our business.

     Now as photographers in San Angelo our efforts bring those often unseen emotions to life.. Our shooting styles are from different points of view artistically, but we both aim to capture your story.  Look at the image of our little friend.  She was so sweet.  We tired to capture that sweetness in the image.  Just think of the story this image tells.  This story is not expensive its priceless.

     We have been told we capture the "romance in life". I think that's one reason people have enjoyed our images.  Our clients have been surprised at  how much fun we have during a session. This includes everyone kids, couples, and adults. Its very interesting and almost addicting to enjoy our job so much. We look forward to every shoot.

    So let us share our experience, our fun and our art with you.


     " Remember photography is not                  

              expensive its priceless."